Give Recurring Gifts

Giving a recurring gift by check has a lower processing cost to the church. A growing number of donors give to Perimeter while taking advantage of the convenience of online banking bill pay offered through their bank. One of the advantages is you can schedule a recurring payment to tithe or offerings that currently support FORWARD. When scheduling an online bill payment it is helpful if you would note a designation such as FORWARD or Deacon's Fund in the account number or memo area. When the bank check is received by Perimeter and there is no designation, it is considered a gift to FORWARD.

While processing a gift by check is one of the lower-cost alternatives, giving by Electronic Funds Transfer (ACH) offers the lowest processing cost. ACH offers the advantage of making a recurring gift that is electronically deducted from your check or savings account.

Recurring gifts may also be set up and made by credit or debit card. If you don't already have a My Perimeter login, you will need to set one up. 

To sign up for giving by credit or debit card:

  1. Log in to your My Perimeter account and begin by choosing the designation and amount of your gift. 
  2. Choose the frequency of your gift: one-time, monthly, or bi-weekly. 
  3. Choose a Payment Method and choose the type of debit or credit card you will use to set up your card information. You can choose to save your card information by clicking the save information box. Then you can use the saved card to make additional or future gifts. Making gifts by credit or debit card offers donor convenience and control. 

Card information is securely stored by the payment processor and is not stored on the servers at Perimeter. Bank information is stored on an encrypted database and by our bank's ACH processing system.