The purpose of the stewardship team is to help our people embrace a Biblical worldview, acknowledging that God is the owner, creator, and provider of all things, and we are managers or stewards, utilizing all resources God provides for His glory.

The Stewardship Ministry Team is made up of members who have experienced the blessings that come from living a generous life and want others to receive the same blessings! Therefore, they have come together as a team to help the entire Perimeter family experience whole life generosity through prayer, living life together, sharing stories, and offering learning opportunities.

Stewardship Resources

Learn more about this six-week financial stewardship study offered here at Perimeter.

Generous Giving hosts online and in-person events to explore the topic of generosity without asking for your money.

Be empowered to manage your finances in a God-honoring way with these online resources.

Learn more about Perimeter's Kingdom Investments ministry.

Our Team

Jim McCoun

Director of Kingdom Investments

Gordon Moore

Director of Generosity

Christie Pearson

Generosity Ministry Associate

Generosity Committee Members

Jerry Black

Ray Evans

Evan Hecht

Ron Inman - Chairman

Carol Jackovich

Frank Mann

David Morris

Jon Rhodes

Amy Shirley

Jon Rhodes

Dan Wolthius