Family Conversations

Perimeter’s Stewardship Ministry is sponsoring a series of seminars this year called Family Conversations. Join in and be equipped as we learn to steward the gifts that God has given us through biblical principles.



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Honoring Plans for Aging Parents

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As Baby Boomers age, they and their families are faced with many complex decisions — with outcomes that have financial, emotional, spiritual, and relational impacts. Participants will come away with a better understanding of at least five important conversations you should have and steps you should take before a need becomes a crisis.

A panel of experts in family finances, law, living alternatives, and other important issues will give practical advice on what conversations to have and when. There will be time set aside for Q&A.

Whether you are the parent or the family member, these are important conversations that can ease the transitions parents and their families make as they age. This seminar was originally offered by the Stewardship Ministry of Perimeter Church in 2022. It is being offered again this year because the need for information on this topic is so great in our communities.

Previous Family Conversation Seminars

When "Good" Plans Go Wrong

You made an estate plan and put it safely in a drawer ... for years. What could go wrong? A lot! 

This Family Conversation seminar examined the unintended consequences you could face if you don't update your estate plans regularly or if you don't ask the right questions when you create your plan in the first place. You will learn about five commonly made mistakes that can create unnecessary heartache and expense — and how to avoid them.

Listen to the presentation using the video above, or download the MP3 recording.

Honoring Plans for Aging Parents

In May 2022, our Family Conversation seminar addressed the topic of making "Honoring Plans for Aging Parents." Experienced panelists shared important insights about the discussions families need to have regarding law, finances, living alternatives, and other important issues

Estate Planning for You, Your Parents and Your Children

In March 2022, our Stewardship Ministry hosted a Family Conversations seminar called “Estate Planning for You, Your Parents and Your Children.” Our guest speaker was Christian finance expert and author Ron Blue. Mr. Blue has authored over twenty books, including Master Your Money, The Complete Guide to Faith Based Family Finances, and Surviving Financial Meltdown. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Ron Blue Institute. Learn more about Ron Blue on his website: