East Asia Team Recap

East Asia Team | Mar 02, 2015

A recap ... things went well for the entire trip ... planes on time, no lost luggage. Great team unity and trying to out serve one another ... the little ones we cared for were delightful ... we learned many new skills including changing colostomy bags, using feeding machines... |MORE|

East Asia Team - February 23, 2015

East Asia Team | Feb 23, 2015

The East Asia team has settled into a routine and enjoying their time together. Great fellowship and we all know we are right where we need to be. We finish work on Tuesday night the 24th and head home Wednesday morning. Can't wait to share stories. Jules |MORE|

East Asia Team - February 16, 2015

East Asia Team | Feb 16, 2015

The East Asia team has arrived safely and in good health! They spent the first two days in training and are now working their 12 hour shifts to help the infants in the orphanage. The team is getting on well. God stories are already happening that are already changing the hearts of team members. |MORE|