European Leadership Forum Update #1

Charles Hunt | May 30, 2018

Praying with, singing with, and sharing with so many attendees from over 50 countries. Hearing many great speakers each morning and each night. Also, working with so many volunteers from more than five different countries. Plus, the enthusiasm heard from so many attendees. Also, after the forum,... |MORE|

European Leadership Forum Update #2

Phyllis Egenberger | May 30, 2018

The speakers and attendees I encountered expressed how grateful they were for the volunteers. The speakers repeated: We couldn't have done this Forum without you. Made me feel I was needed. |MORE|

Tanzania Medical Team Update #6

Heidi Cantrell | May 05, 2018

Salve for the Soul - I'm certain I'll never be able to put into words the joy, wonder, amazement, peace, grace, and satisfaction I felt on this trip. We learned a lot about God's sovereignty, what it means to truly trust Him, and how peaceful and natural that feeling is. I honestly never... |MORE|

Tanzania Medical Team Update #7 - Short Stories

Heidi Cantrell | May 05, 2018

We were a few minutes late to church that first Sunday. We had to walk in across the front, behind the choir, while the church was on their feet, physically worshipping in dance and song. They graciously provided seats for us, right up front in a place of honor, so we would not miss out. But we... |MORE|