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Christian Camp in Poland

Lori Allison | Sep 08, 2014

A couple of years ago I had the opportuntity to lead a team to Poland. We worked all around a small country village and in the Christian camp that was there in Ostroda, Poland. Our team did all kinds of clean up, repairs to homes/apartments, and LOTS of playing with the kids that came from the village each day to the camp. The camp was where I spent my entire week. What fun!!


We did crafts, played sports and games, painted faces and fingernails, and generally had fun. A few of the mothers came with their children and simply waited through the day as their children enjoyed their time. I think they were worried about what might happen to their children in the evangelical camp. Nothing good, they were sure!


At the beginning of the week the moms just sort of gave us very skeptical looks and would nod their heads at us if we spoke.


As the kids began to warm up to us and their moms saw that we were just there to show their kids some love and kindness, their hearts began to soften.


Each day as the kids (and moms) loaded onto the bus at the end of the day, the kids would blow us kisses and hold up both hands together to form the shape of a heart. By the end of the week, the moms were doing the same! It was amazing to see the tranformation on their faces and in their hearts.


The love of God penetrated their hearts of stone!