Stories - Doctor serves patients' hearts as well as their bodies


Doctor serves patients' hearts as well as their bodies

Jake Varghese | Oct 30, 2014

After arriving in Nagpur on Sunday, I went to Warda. We picked up the first batch of meds and began to categorize them.


Monday morning we went to a pharmacy to pick up more meds - the main things we got were meds for 

--cough / cold / congestion (cough syrup in 5 L containers, zyrtec, and multisymptom meds)

--pain relievers (ibuprofen and paracetamol- , which is similar to our Tylenol).

--prenatal vitamins (anemia is common here, and buying iron tabs was more expensive)


To this we added our existing supply of the above meds, as well as some antibiotics, wound care supplies and gastrointestinal meds (anti-diarrheal, oral rehydration, reflux meds etc.) This was our makeshift pharmacy.


There was about an hour and a half ride though some rocky roads til we arrived in the village of Rohana. We arrived at about 10 AM to the village community center and there were already about 75 people waiting and registered. 


We were met by one community doctor who came with two nurses running a sickle cell anemia clinic. In this one room of about 20 ft by 30 ft we set up a registration table, 2 physician stations, a prayer station and a pharmacy.


At the prayer station, everyone was offered the opportunity to be prayed over, and though it was not mandatory, all accepted. Several men from the church community prayed for the men, and several women prayed for the ladies. They were amazing prayer warriors with a gift for prayer. There were Gideon New Testament Bibles offered and over 200 were given out.


The day was not without its share of excitement: a member of the RSS party came in and saw the prayer station, and the bibles being distributed, and accused the organizers of forcibly converting the community. The RSS is a militant pro Hindu group, who does not want to see the Gospel reaching the unreached, and willing to do what they need to, to prevent this. They were the group responsible for the murder of Graham Staines. He returned several times, often with different people, and each time tried to disrupt the medical camp. We just stopped and prayed.


All in all, approximately 250 people came to this first clinic, and though it was nonstop, and exhausting, it was such a blessing to be a part of it.


Prayer requests:

- that the seeds planted in this unbelieving community of Rohana will take root.

- the physical needs of the people

- lots of chronic issues, and it is difficult to get good quality care.

- the local church may be able to reach out and minister to the people in the community

- that the RSS' efforts will backfire and God will use it for His glory

Gratefully, Jake