Stories - God continues to bless this Medical Mission trip!


God continues to bless this Medical Mission trip!

Jake Varghese | Nov 03, 2014

Dear Friends,


So after a busy day in Rohana, we expected the next day (Tuesday) to be much more relaxed. The clinic was at the Wardha Ministry Center, and about about 40-50 church members were expected. We were able to set up in a more organized way, and rather than a crowd, it was a more controlled steady flow. By the end of the day we had registered and seen about 200 people, working non stop from about 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM.


The RSS newspaper had a front page story about the clinic in Rohana - about how medical care was given to the community, but we were also praying with the people and distributing New Testaments. The article went on to talk about what the book contained, and how it talked about this man "Jesus Christ", and what He did. So this article was written to "put down" Christianity, but in the end it shared more to the local community than we could have imagined!


Wednesday: we went to the Parde Project. It is a small compound with approx 40 kids who are being cared for by the Din Bandhu teammate. Now a school has started for them and they are thriving. The biggest issue there was lack of dental care - rotting teeth, poor oral care, and gum disease were prevalent. A dentist coming on a future trip word be helpful.


That evening, we held a small medical camp at Yeotmal- at the ministry center. I had the chance to tend to the needs of the staff and local community there.


Praise Reports:

1. The RSS were not able to slow down or affect the clinics.

2. Over 500 patients were seen over the first 3 days. We now have a better understanding of what is needed in this region.

3. There were many opportunities for prayer and sharing the Gospel with the unbelieving community.


gratefully, Jake