Stories - A Final Message from Dr. Varghese


A Final Message from Dr. Varghese

Jake Varghese | Nov 10, 2014

Dear Friends,


Note: this final update was written after I returned, so that I could add a link for photos.


Thursday we went Nagpur - started the day with a meeting with the Ladies ministry team - they normally go into the slums and teach the women about various health topics.


We discussed 2 topics that were coming up: Anemia and Hygiene. That afternoon, we took a trip to the slums and met with a group of women to discuss general health issues in their community. Two frequently brought up complaints were anemia and GYN issues.


On Fri we went to another slum- the people here were much poorer than the slum from the previous day. There were several Believers there and we were able to talk to them, and pray for them. We also visited an orphanage that Din Bandhu is working with.


Praise report:

- we were able to minister to so many people, and Din Bandhu our partner ministry will have more opportunities to reach the unchurched.

- opportunity to connect with several doctors there.

- staying healthy during the trip


Prayer Requests:

- getting back into my routine without too much jet lag. 

- that the long term vision for regular clinics may be realized. That there are local medical staff that can be identified for this important opportunity.

-Din Bandhu may be able to continue with the many aspects of ministry and do it well.


Thank you all for praying for me and supporting me during this trip. I have attached a link below with an album of some pics from the trip.


In Him, Jake 


Link for photos: