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Guatemala - Monday in pictures ...

Bill Sandman | Jan 05, 2015

Eileen opened the conference today with a seminar on classroom management.  


Bill shared the importance of exercise and took the teachers outside with jump ropes to practice what they learned.

Patti led a session where she shared ways to motivate students in the classroom to wrap up our first awesome day.


CONTEST…….ran into this old friend from Perimeter in Guatemala.  Do you know who he is?  CLUES……he is in his 20s, he attended Perimeter School, he had Ms. Johnson, Mrs. Duffy, Mr. Bennett and Mr. Varner.  Mrs. Hubbard was his principal.  E-mail me ( your guesses.  First right answer wins a prize from the market in Antigua.


Please continue to pray for us as we minister to the teachers.  We are all healthy and eating well.  (Scott, you were right!)  


Bill, Michelle, Patti, Kim, Eileen, Robin and Ellie