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Guatemala - Tuesday in Pictures

Bill Sandman | Jan 06, 2015

Robin got us started Tuesday morning with a conga line before she taught the teachers how to reinforce math skills with math games.

These teachers are playing "Quiz, quiz, trade" to practice their math skills.

Kim facilitated five different higher level science investigations which culminated in an explosive competition with lave flowing from the homemade volcanoes.

Ellie facilitated six science investigations for the lower elementary teachers.  Here they are observing the effects of Vitamin C on keeping bananas from turning brown.

Please keep us in your prayers.  Tomorrow, Michelle is leading learning centers for elementary teachers.  Our weather has been cool and beautiful, but apparently not as cool as you all back in Johns Creek!


Contest update ... congratulations to Stacey Earnest for correctly identifying Carter Rhoad.  Carter is in Guatemala trying to get a spot on a professional soccer team.  Had the contest continued today, the next clue was going to be an EPIC quote by Mrs. Hubbard directed toward Carter and a group of boys after getting in trouble on a field trip.  When it was suggested that Carter be released because had nothing to do with the trouble, Mary replied "He's the ring leader, he's not going anywhere!"  Carter vividly remembers that quote to this day.


Bill, Patti, Kim, Ellie, Michelle, Eileen and Robin