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Guatemala - Thursday in Pictures

Bill Sandman | Jan 08, 2015

On Thursday we visited the school at Xetzitzi. Principal Irma desperately wanted to speak to Bill eye to eye, so of course as teachers we were able to accommodate!   


The community of Xetzitzi sent the mayor, his council, the local pastor, and many dignitaries to welcome us.


The community honored us with a special meal and gifts.  The mayor, the pastor and others stood up and thanked us for the impact that our seminars had made on the teachers over the years.  They went on to say, "we do not have the resources to provide this kind of training, but the benefits are being seen in the children, the community, and in the entire country".  We were touched by the handmade gifts we were given along with a delicious meal.  


Though a very poor school, the setting of Xetzitzi is magnificent.


Octavio was surprised when Bill caught the rubber band he shot at him.


Tomorrow we will visit the Mana da Vida School in Excuintla.  Pray for travel mercies (riding with Alberto) and for a blessed visit with the teachers at Mana.  We are all well and feeling very blessed and thankful to our principals for allowing us to be here.  Thanks Bobby, Mary, Clint and Susan!!


Bill, Patti, Kim, Ellie, Robin, Michelle and Eileen