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East Asia Team Recap

East Asia Team | Mar 02, 2015

A recap ... things went well for the entire trip ... planes on time, no lost luggage. Great team unity and trying to out serve one another ... the little ones we cared for were delightful ... we learned many new skills including changing colostomy bags, using feeding machines etc. We had some GI problems, a little virus with some work shifts missed but we had all recovered by the time we got on the plane.


One of our team members had a fall while carrying one of the infants, but the infant did not hit the ground!!! Our team member injured her leg and came home on crutches but does not have a fracture.


We arrived home Wednesday night in the midst of the storm in Atlanta. There was only light rain but the city had been closed down so we had a quick trip home from the airport. We are all exhausted but full of the great memories of the trip.


Thank you all for keeping us in your prayers. We felt surrounded by your prayers. God is good ... we are all so humbled to have been allowed to participate in this great ministry.