Stories - Tanzania - June 1, 2015


Tanzania - June 1, 2015

Tanzania Team | Jun 01, 2015

Still no electricity.... Day two: We started off the morning with some car troubles. The Taylors' car wouldn't start, but we jumped it with a stripped wire (only in Africa)! We did get to church though. The youth were taken out and were the speakers for the youth service.


One of the highlights for everyone was worshiping with the Tanzanian people and seeing how much they love the Lord. We had lunch at the school, and some more people went to visit their sponsor children's homes. We also had the opportunity to do a prayer walk around the classrooms.


Another highlight for some of us was walking 3 miles back to where we are staying. We had a surprise waiting for us when we got home ... hot water!! (We have had to take cold showers for a few days.) We might not be in touch for a while because we don't have wifi, but we thank you for your continued support and prayers!