Stories - Tanzania - June 2, 2015


Tanzania - June 2, 2015

Wendy for the team | Jun 02, 2015

Today was our first "school day" in the village ... and it was a great one!  The day started as every school day in Karansi begins - with devotions. Each class begins the day with singing (and it's beautiful), prayer out loud, all at the same time), and Bible study. It is the best way to start the day!


As the children began their lessons, our team divided up to prepare for the day: Lee began to set up the computer lab and get the computers all working as needed. Pam Willis spent time observing for Kaanangira's speech and language assessment (THAT'S ANOTHER WHOLE WONDERFUL STORY), and Wendy and Miriam observed in the preschool-2nd grade classes in preparation for the Early Childhood seminar.  The other ladies on the team prepared for the Widows' Tea.  The widows were late arriving due to persistent rain ... and when 10 had arrived by 10:00, they began sharing.  Catherin, Ashley, PK (Pam Kirby), Leslie, Abbey and Kellie had a wonderful, heartfelt, deep opportunity to share and bond with these amazing, faithful women of God in Tanzania.  Age, nationality, socio-economic boundaries all fell away as the women shared their journeys of faith and gave tribute to His faithfulness in the midst of all of it.  By 11:30 there were 40 widows ... and several others trickled in after the others had gone home.  It was a precious time ... on holy ground.


The Form 4 graduates who will begin serving as teachers' assistants began arriving throughout the morning.  It was a joyful reunion of friends!  It was a privilege to watch as these once small children (our first class of students ever) reunited as beautiful young women, today, transitioned from students to staff as they joined the teachers and our team for lunch in the dining hall. It was a quietly momentous occasion.


After lunch the new graduates & Early Childhood teachers joined Pam, Wendy, Miriam and Ashley for a good discussion on Jesus' perspective on children, Jesus' childhood, an intro to speech and language, and the first opportunity to use some of the hands-on materials ... interspersed with Brain Breaks and fun!


Lee led a great session on computer skills for all the 3rd - 7th grade teachers, Godfrey (the Headmaster) and Ndeti (the new program manager.)  They all learned some new things - and said they "got it!"  PowerPoint was the topic of the day ... to be continued tomorrow!


Carter led the rest of the team in a Field Day with the kids (whose teachers were all at seminars) and Leslie led a craft project with some other students. It was a joy to see them all crafting and playing ... and to see the sun come out for the first time since our arrival!


The school day ended with the students singing (as always) and we headed for our home away from home. A new joy has been found in walking from the village to the Catholic Center ... about 2.5 miles. Good conversations, good opportunity to see the beauty of the area ... and an escort of joyful Tanzanian children make for a delightful end to the day.


Well ... except for today when most of the team returned to the village for a showing of the Jesus film at Pastor's church with their new (used/donated) projector. About 125 people attended ... only God knows the seeds that were planted and the hearts that were touched.


As Miriam said so well, the days are long but the week is short!  It was a great day ... looking forward to tomorrow!


Thanks for praying ... keep on!!


Bwana Asifiwe!  Amen!


(to the Lord belongs the Glory!)