Stories - Tanzania - June 4, 2015


Tanzania - June 4, 2015

Tanzania Team | Jun 04, 2015

Hi all! We were all very sad to leave the village today. Here's a recap of what happened Tuesday and Wednesday:


On Tuesday morning, we had the privilege of opening sponsor gifts with the children. As a first timer, let me tell you it is one of the most rewarding experiences to see. A few of the team's highlight was watching Lee and Wendy Williams open their daughter's gift with her sponsor child. In the afternoon, the teacher team continued to lead the seminar with the teachers and the graduate girls. The Tanzanian teachers are 
starting to put into practice some of the things they were being taught, like teaching in small groups and having centers, which is unlike anything they've ever tried before. Lee led the computer class to the upper grade teachers with the help of Katherine. Ashley and Pam Kirby led a craft for some of the students. Leslie, Abby and Carter started painting one of the classrooms. The other team members were able to visit a sponsor child outside of the village.

On Wednesday, we got to the school a little early to see worship in the dining room. Seeing the children lift their hands in song to our King was our entire team's highlight of the day. We got a lot accomplished 
Wednesday and this morning. We played with the kids and finished teaching the computer and early elementary classes Wednesday. We finished painting the preschool classroom this morning. We gave out 
gifts to the children (Perimeter Christian School had raised money to buy a backpack, a big blanket and a mosquito net for each child!!) and to all the teachers and staff members of the school.


We were all very sad to say goodbye today. Tomorrow we will visit the safari and Saturday we will start our trip home.