Stories - Ireland Team - July 21, 2015


Ireland Team - July 21, 2015

Ireland Team | Jul 21, 2015

New Beginnings

Our journey began in a place where the awe-inspiring creativity of the father is not only reflected in the hearts and souls of the Irish, but the bliss of the scenic atmosphere. Every gently rolling hill and serene valley speckled with swaying violets teems with the rumbling presence of its creator. The age old manor where we stay seems to withhold the weathered tales of time in place of the native voices and scampering feet of the orphanage children which once echoed through the corridors. The residency winds around a quaint, shimmering pond sheltered by great leaning evergreens and crumbling stone walls holding in the rolling laughter of the energized campers. A breath of the air is like a splash of cool water, crisp but refreshing and the only source of restoration for tired, sleepless minds. As the whistling , sharp breeze bonds together heat-prone southerners, the cultural differences slowly begin to crumble and mold into lasting friendships and prior misjudgments fold into a christ-like love that requires no favors or reciprocation. We are all a team of people, perhaps unsure and still testing the waters or new beginnings, but people who live and laugh together through it all.