Stories - Tanzania Medical Team Post #1


Tanzania Medical Team Post #1

Tanzania Medical Team | Sep 19, 2015

Here is the team's blog.  They are doing great.  Today was focused on meeting their sponsor children.  Lots of great stories:


Chuck - High:  Meeting my four sponsor kids.  I lost it when I met Upendo.  Hearing her story made it more powerful.  Another high was spending time with Godfrey, I got to know his heart.

Low:  I'm tired

Pam:  High:  God provided us with everything the sponsor kids needed.  God story:  I brought along two backpacks and there were two girls who were leaving to go back to teacher training college and they stopped by and needed backpacks - yeah God!


Low:  Seeing the beautiful children that we know here and how happy and peaceful they are.  I felt selfish, living such a materialistic life.

Lori:  High:  That I met my sponsor child.  It was neat to met the person who's picture I've been praying for.  I've beens struck by the beauty here; not the poverty.

Low:  I felt a little sick after lunch, but am doing fine now.

Steph: High:  Hearing the stories of how God is so big here and how the project has made such a huge impact on the community and changed the entire economy of the community.

Low:  How the infant and child mortality rate is so high because of the lack of basic heathcare and health education.

Jose:  High:  That I arrived. (Jose was bumped and had to travel a different route to get here and arrived the morning after the team)  Seeing my sponsor child. I knew the chances were slim since he is in secondary school, but he was off this week.  Seeing him through the window with that big smile.  I got to spend a lot of time with him..

Low:  That I didn't learn more Swahili.