Stories - Tanzania Medical Team Post #2


Tanzania Medical Team Post #2

Tanzania Medical Team | Sep 20, 2015

Today the team attended church at Pastor W's.   It was great to worship with our Tanzanian's brothers and sisters.  We didn't understand what they were staying and vice versa, but being in the body of Christ it didn't matter.  Bwana Asifiwe.


Chuck, high:  Being in church with the people.  They were not shy about their worship.  Low:  Sitting in the back of the SUV having my butt being bumped. 

Lori - high - being in the worship at church.  What they were emphasizing in the service were things that God has been teaching me.  I was touched when they bowed down on the ground and worshiped!  Low:  None!

Steph:  high - good reminder to see how big God really is.  They were singing in Swahili and switched to English and back to Swahili, reminded me that Christ can reach every tribe, tongue and nation.  It was cool to see the little kids worship with abandonment.  Thankful that I was able to see and experience this today.  Low:  Georgia beat South Carolina.

Jose:  high: Great to see the "flower lady" again at church.  Once of the simplest things but so beautiful and powerful.  When she throws the flower petals you can see the joy in her face.  Low:  none.

Pam:  High:    Our team has gelled so well.  I feel like we are a family.  Excited that the clinic is ready for tomorrow.  Loved how Pastor Godfrey was explaining the church service to us.  It made it more meaningful for me.  Low:  None.