Stories - Tanzania Medical Team Post #3


Tanzania Medical Team Post #3

Tanzania Medical Team | Sep 23, 2015

Monday was day one of the medical clinic. We started bright and early and saw over half of our students.  We worked so well as a team you'd never know that some of us had never met.


It was great to see Daktari Chuck love on the students and make them feel so comfortable and safe. Nurses Steph and Lori were the frontline weighing , measuring and taking the vitals.  What a great mother/daughter-in-law team. Jose and Pam ran the pharmacy like pros. Jose made us all laugh as he pretended to give some of the students shots. Mary Ann Taylor oversaw the running of the clinic while David Taylor filled in wherever needed.


On our way into the village we saw a huge billow of smoke coming out of Mt. Meru, the second tallest mountain in Tanzania. We made NASA's news of the day!  Some say it was an eruption while others say it is a forest fire. One of our teammates was awakened by a huge bang in the middle of the night, we are claiming an eruption 😃. Either way it's pretty exciting.


Tuesday, day two of the clinic, we saw the rest of the students.  We were all pretty shocked that we finished early; that's team work. We had three students who were suspected of having HIV according to markers.  We were all thankful when their results came back negative. Lots of laughter all day as we examined the rest of the students. Tomorrow we open the clinic to the village.  We are excited to be the hands and feet of Christ. 


Wednesday, day three of the clinic began by going into the classrooms to be a part of their individual chapel times.  Each class sang their favorite worship songs while they had their chosen "drummer" keeping everyone together.   It is amazing to see their genuine heart to worship the Lord.  We then began our clinic to adults of Karanse. 


We were able to see over 50 with many traveling long distances on foot to see the doctor.  We were thrilled to see the boy who had been diagnosed with large keloids behind his ears at last year's clinic.  The team last year ensured that he had surgery soon after they left and now he is doing fabulous.  Jose and Pam kept the pharmacy running seamlessly and Doctor Chuck was even able to do a small I & D surgery with the assistance of Stephanie. 

-Da Team