Stories - Tanzania - Update #1


Tanzania - Update #1

Wendy for the team | Mar 29, 2016 we are in Karanse!  It was a long circuitous journey to get here, but we're here now!  It all started with the compressor on our plane in Atlanta...  a plane swap and a 3 hour delay... missing our one flight per delay connection to Tanzania and an overnight in Amsterdam.  We spent most of Saturday getting luggage and flights and hotels arranged, then took a side-trip into Amsterdam. It was a cool, sunny, breezy afternoon and we took a canal tour of Amsterdam... a great break mentally and psychologically.  Then dinner and good night's sleep and back on the plane to Tanzania. MaryAnn and David Taylor, Godfrey and Teacher Nickson met us and it was a joyful greeting as always!  All 15 suitcases and all 5 of us made it... and after a good night's  sleep we were ready to head into the village today!  


It was wonderful first day!  We all had a tour of the campus...


  • Gary and Cheryl seeing the school and hearing the vision.
  • Wendy and Pam had a tour of the wonderful new preschool classrooms.
  • Cheryl and Gary did an AWESOME job getting into the computer lab and getting started on all the technology stuff.  They have all the new computers up and running and are working on things like Skype and upgrading systems and hardware.  
  • Pam and Jerry and David had great meetings with Pastor Waraili and Godfrey.  
  • Wendy had a great day with MaryAnn talking curriculum and little ones.  


Tomorrow the children come (last week the government declared yesterday a national holiday) and we are looking forward to seeing all the sweet faces that are the real reason we're all here.

Thanks for encouraging, supporting and praying!