Stories - Tanzania - Update #2


Tanzania - Update #2

The Team in Tanzania | Mar 30, 2016

Today began in the village with morning worship which is always wonderful and inspiring! Walking up to the school, the air is filled with voices  children singing and drums playing ... clapping and praying and dancing! They sing with joy and enthusiasm which reminded us all of the reason we are here ... kids and the Lord ... and the confluence of the two!  We also gave out almost 100 sponsor gifts which is always another highlight. There were a lot of happy children ... lots of smiles of joy ... and pipi (candy!). They share everything here, so I'm sure there was a little sugar ingested by a lot of kids!


We also saw at least two classes who came to the library to check out books today! How exciting is that?!? The children were eager to show me their finds!  


Gary and Cheryl worked faithfully on the technology ... they spent the day figuring out why we can get good internet between the library (here)  and the US, but not between the library and the computer lab which are only a few feet apart ... ugghh ... technology! It's just so wonderful to have Gary and Cheryl's expertise! The teachers are excited and amazed at the concept of skype and talking with teachers in Atlanta. Skyping will happen late afternoon here's which is early morning in Atlanta. It will be an amazing day!


David, Jerry, Pam, Pastor Warielli, Godfrey and Duncan (the Mayor of Karansi) had good meetings about the future, the village, the new highway, the importance of preschool education, and a wide variety of other topics. No commitments but lots of smiles and thank you's and "we'll be talking soon." 


Wendy spent the day in preschool ... watching, enjoying, and talking with children! Sheer joy for her! The "itty bitties" as they're lovingly called had a variety of activities from making playdoh balls to 10, playing hopscotch and hopping from number to number, using sticks and puzzles to learn numbers and sequencing, and enjoyed a lesson on the front porch because their classroom was so hot! It is really hot! The afternoon involved a short seminar for the teachers on numbers, counting, and adding today ... and cleaning out some old random pieces of unused resources. Tomorrow is reading in the classroom ... children and teachers alike!


A long walk home along a dusty, dry road was made beautiful as both Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro were out in all their beauty!


Thankful for all of you ...