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Tanzania - Update #3

Wendy, for a grateful team | Mar 31, 2016

Today was AMAZING!!!


Wednesdays always begin with Chapel at PUNCHMI school.  It is not to be missed, and we didn't! Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for of such is the kingdom of God." Worship is led by the children ... There were almost 200 children, their teachers, and 5 wazungu (white people) dancing, singing and praying (out loud at the same time.) It was a little taste of worship like we'll have in heaven ... a highlight for all of us!  


We all did good stuff all day long. There were classrooms with "centers" with counting, sequencing with bottle tops and teacher-made hopscotch, building towers, puzzles, and joy in learning for teachers and students. There were successful meetings for planning the next medical trip. There were hours of investigating and researching and finding alternatives for internet lines and tech-y talk for the Internet ...


... and at 3:30 this afternoon there was SKYPE!!!! Six teachers and one headmaster at Perimeter School talked face to face with all the teachers, Pastor Waraielli, and our team in Karansi, Tanzania!! There are no words that can describe what happened here today. It was __________________ ... I really can't find a word ... or words! Today, through wires and satellites, we crossed oceans, miles, continents and cultures; we SAW friends! There were smiles and laughter and clapping and introductions, celebration, great rejoicing ... and even a few tears of joy ... on both ends of the connection. CONNECTION!  That's the word I was looking for ... connection! Despite all the things that separate us, on those screens we are connected ... we are not so far away after all! Pastor Waraielli prayed for us in Swahili and Bobby Scott (PCS headmaster) prayed for us in English ... it was the perfect end to our first Teacher-to-Teacher Skype. In America, we're not so awed by things any more ... we so easily take things for granted ... but even we hardened Americans were in awe today ... it was amazing! Our Tanzanian friends were truly giddy with delight! There were giggles (truly) and laughter and smiles that wouldn't quit. Words used were "Wow!" and "Wonderful!"  


This little village, 7 miles off the end of the paved road at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, used to be in the middle of nowhere. It wasn't on the map, the government didn't know it existed, and its residents weren't on the census 10 years ago. But God ...  but God. God had a plan for this little village ... and Pastor WarIelli had the faith to believe, move his family here, listen for God's leading to begin a ministry to widows and orphans. This little village is now the home to a thriving, succeeding school with a windmill for power and a cell tower ... and it's teachers skyped today with friends in Johns Creek, Georgia!  


As Pastor says, " Bwana Asifiwe!" To God be all the glory. And we must reply (as does every Tanzanian and guest in Karansi), "Amen!"


Thanks for taking this journey with us!
Wendy, for a grateful team who will all sleep well tonight ... especially Cheryl and Gary!