Stories - Perimeter European Leadership Forum (ELF) Team 2016


Perimeter European Leadership Forum (ELF) Team 2016

Bob Christensen | May 23, 2016

Our team has the wonderful privilege to serve as volunteers at the European Leadership Forum 2016 in Wisla, Poland, May 18-27. (Read more about it here    



The team includes Bob, Dwight, Virginia, Jim (team leader), Sally, Kathy, Carolyn, Judy, Sabina, Sally, Fritz and Charles.  We will share stories from our team in future reports.

This mission trip is an adventure because our roles and daily schedules are completely determined by the staff and we get our assignments only a day or two before the conference.  So we have no idea what we will be doing specifically… generally speaking we know that we will be interacting with dozens, probably hundreds, of Christian Leaders from every country in Europe, and we will be working hard!



Travel: We left Atlanta at 10:30 PM May 18, arrived at the Amsterdam airport about noon, then arrived in Krakow about 4:30 and took a bus to Wisla.



Day 1. The accommodations at the Hotel Golebiewski are excellent, but we are here to work: volunteers basically run the annual European Leadership Forum, hosting about 725 European Christian leaders from 45 countries as they are trained, equipped and inspired by about 130 speakers from around the globe.  There are 26 different tracks that run concurrently through the week, plus plenary sessions and optional workshops and events. John Piper is the keynote speaker.  Volunteers will be registering guests, hosting meals, video taping every session, running a large bookstore, and lots of other tasks required to make this a pleasant and inspiring conference for our guests!  Lots of moving pieces!

First Team Meeting

We have daily team meetings at 7:30 AM. Today Greg Pritchard, one of the founders and leaders of ELF, joined us with his family.  We generally have a devotional and daily announcement.

About half of the Atlanta team are operating video cameras. In total, we will record about 320 sessions – over 600 hours of video. Many of us also worked in registration, which was very well organized.  Jim and Sally made several trips to the Krakow airport to greet and pick up speakers and guests. Others helped with the bookstore setup.  



The bookstore is amazing (especially for a former bookstore owner like me - Bob)!   The quality and variety is extraordinary.  The bookstore manager told me that Wayne Grudham (a very well known theologian and popular speaker at ELF) says that this is the best stocked Christian bookstore in the western world!



Charles and 10 volunteer friends hiked up to the Czech Republic. It was a 7 hour round trip. Eight completed the strenuous hike. Charles reported that the view into Czech Republic was beautiful and everyone enjoyed the hike.  



One of the most important groups at the forum is the Prayer Team.  Several Perimeter volunteers serve on this team.  They meet morning and evening and pray with forum participants, for the conference and for individual prayer requests.  



Plenary sessions are scheduled each morning and evening.  John Piper is expositing Philippians in the morning and other forum leaders speak in the evening.  The worship is truly wonderful.  What a blessing to hear over 700 Europeans singing heartily (especially the large number of young Christian men).