Stories - Perimeter ELF Team 2016 #3 - The Bookstore


Perimeter ELF Team 2016 #3 - The Bookstore

Frances Hoyt | Jun 01, 2016

I was filled with joy as ELF participants crowded into the ELF "bookstore", carefully examining and purchasing books that will become precious to them – resources critical for their personal growth and for their ministry growth.



Great Books have been a primary source of God’s working in my life.  I love learning.  I love getting to know the great men and women who have gone before us, learning about evangelism, building great relationships in families and organizations, learning more of God in theology, learning to understand and communicate in our culture with apologetics.  Loving God with "all your mind" is as important as "loving your neighbor as yourself." European Christian leaders get it.  They are "all in" - committed to the growth of their mind, which develops spiritual depth and personal and organizational maturity.



The Forum took an offering each day from the volunteers and the participants for the Book Scholarship Fund.  On the final day, this fund was distributed to people who attended on a scholarship.  Most of these people are from Eastern Europe where wages are very low, so they cannot afford books.  There is a bit of a competition between volunteers and participants to see who can raise more – the volunteers won this year – the total raised for book scholarships was over $3,500. That evening the bookstore was an exciting place to be, as hundreds of people stood in line to check out with their precious book selections!  I told the bookstore manager that she sold more theology books in 2 hours than I sold in 2 years in my Christian bookstore in America!  




One attendee was so excited about the books that he walked to downtown Wisla and bought a suitcase so that he could buy more books.




The selection of books was outstanding. The bookstore manager told me that Wayne Grudham (a highly respected theologian and a popular speaker at ELF) claimed that ELF has the best selection of Christian books in the world! Titles are carefully selected by ELF leadership, so the book selection reflects the integrity, knowledge and breadth of scholarship of ELF leaders.

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