Stories - Belarus - June 11


Belarus - June 11

Randy Schlichting | Jun 11, 2016

We worship Him today! Ahead of you...and with you! It is 9:00 AM here. The team had a long trek yesterday but we were warmly greeted by Belarusian friends. Two by two they went off to stay in homes. A bit scary for some but the Lord blessed. All had English translators or Google translate. Great late night food. Great breakfast and now we play and sing. And give testimony. Colin is up today to give a testimony. The band will lead worship.


The school has professional teachers and dancers. Some famous ones in Belarus. Dorothy and I met with them last night. From what we understood the mayor of the city will be there Monday to watch our dancers and band. We are kind of "proving" our quality to the students. I get that. Why would Russians or Belorussians think Americans can dance? Remember this is a government run school out of the communist system we have been invited in to. Wonder who opened that door?:)

If that goes well the mayor  may call for a city gathering for us to dance, play and Andrew to speak: for people in the city! So pray for that.


Then we will start workshops for band and dance. They will teach us some folk music and dance along the way....and we just happen to have Christian themed music and dance to teach them. So pray the Spirit moves in all that.


I hope to post again tomorrow.




On Jun 11, 2016, at 11:56 AM,
Hi all!

We made it to Amsterdam and as we have two separate tickets (ATL-AMS-ATL) and (AMS-MSK-AMS) we had to get our checked bags and go out to the terminal, through immigration,and then check them and then come back in through immigration. Bit of an ordeal but we are now waiting for the Belavia flight to board. Many did not sleep a lot on the flight so pray we get a snooze on this 2.5 hour leg. Then we have a five hour car ride.