Stories - Blog #2 for Belarus...


Blog #2 for Belarus...

Randy Schlichting | Jun 12, 2016

We spent some team time Sunday afternoon processing our first 24 hours and then we prepared to go to the 6:00 PM service at church. Many on the team had been uncomfortable about staying in homes. All gave a positive report of interaction with their hosts and feel blessed and that it is a growth opportunity.


So I thought the evening service would be like in the U.S. with a smaller attendance. I was wrong...


Let me back up a bit. Andrew had invited the pastor of the church to come to the house we were hanging out at in the afternoon to "see" the girls worship to Holy, Holy, Holy and Turn Your Eyes in Jesus. The question was, would they break wineskins by "dancing in worship" in a town where it has never been done before in a church? He needed to see.


He came. He saw. He was moved. How would he now not cause a storm in his church because a few in his church had expressed concern? It was foreign. It certainly could not be billed as dance. Creative movement? Illustrative motion? Visual interpretation? I don't know what he said but I know he is a brave man. He knows part of reaching the next generation is using the arts in an appropriate way.


The girls were permitted to dance in church at the end of the service. The pastor said people could stay to experience or leave. No arm twisting here. They all stayed. And they saw the beauty of Jesus.


Now back to how I was wrong about smaller Sunday evening service. It was a packed house! Standing room only. Maybe 175 people crammed in.


Turns out the Spirit had moved. In the morning we had taught on hospitality. Inviting your neighbor for a meal. Many did! Really. They invited neighbors for a meal that day and to come to church. Practical gospel.  For some, it was their first exposure to the gospel. And they saw the Lord in dance and music and the Word.


Today we are at the school. More to come.