Stories - Belarus - June 15 and 16


Belarus - June 15 and 16

Randy Schlichting | Jun 16, 2016

June 15 - Our team devotion this morning was Jesus calming the waves. He can do that for us. He is also the one who sometimes kicks up the wind and waves so we run to Him. 

We processed a bit further into the field of death experience we had yesterday. Our team was moved. Some could deeply relate, based on their ethnicity, to persecution and death. Their perspective helped the team broaden their understanding of pain and suffering across races and people groups. 


We talked about the road of death and how there has only ever been one who chose to walk to His death. Chose to be hung. Chose to give His life freely that we might be set free to live and love and bless others with that good news. So our resolve is set for today: we will share, we will invite people to church tonight and to the outreach tomorrow. 


Today some students from another school showed up. Maybe 8. Our girls welcomed them and taught them about dance and what He has done for us. They were only able to stay half day but they will be at the outreach tomorrow. 


Wednesday night is church night so we led worship at the church. A gospel message and a prayer for the youth of Stolin to know that Jesus died for them and He gives them peace with God. 


June 16 - Outreach day was grand. Glorious weather. Wonderful set up in the park in a small amphitheater. We are amazed that about a hundred yards from a statue of Lenin in the main square of Stolin we have been invited to sing His praise. Our team led well with a mixture of songs and dance. I am guessing about 300 people were there. Many children. Belorussian folk band and singers joined us. We sang their songs and they sang ours. They were blessed and we were too. City officials showed up and were impressed. The school we are working with is geared towards arts and is trying to be progressive. The city officials like them and were willing to give the permit in two days. Normally it would take months. They liked what they heard, even the Christian music. So they are open to a larger city wide event next year. Not saying that will be us, but the Lord used us to open the door. 


We have a couple people who are sick: Pearl and Colin S. Colin stayed home but Pearl was able to dance. We hope the day progresses better for them. 


After the concert we had our last lunch at our "team" restaurant in Stolin. (We ate there every day). Noodles, cole slaw, some meat thing with tomato and cheese. And of course soup! 


Afterward we had a time of sharing with the host families and students. I am sure you will not be surprised that they fell in love with our team. Some tears flowed as they said they had found new daughters and as they were blessed by the peace they found in those you supported. Of course they would love more. They were impressed with our professionalism but more our hearts. Glory to God.


Dorothy and I had a private "tea" with the principal and vice principle and they were very complimentary. We asked how we could pray for them personally and professionally and we did. One interesting note, they really did not ask for much professionally. We got the feeling that they did not want to bother God with too much. We "bothered" Him for them.


Tonight we pack and leave for Brest fort tomorrow. It was the first major battle of WWII. When the Germans crushed the Belorussians 75 years ago this year. I am sure it will be memorable for our team.