Stories - Belarus - June 18


Belarus - June 18

Randy Schlichting | Jun 18, 2016

It may have been the most powerful moment of the trip. As Pearl shared we had communion with Him and one another. I won't share the details of it because in some sense they don't matter but what I can share is that the people you supported have been changed in a significant way. They know the world, flesh and devil are real but Jesus has entered their story and adopted them out of that into His. It is good news.


We arrived at the Guest House in Minsk and had a late dinner and debrief.


June 18 - Off to Amsterdam. We landed and got transport to Haarlem. Dropping bags we made our way to lunch and then to the Corrie Ten Boom house. But sadly when we got there at 2:30 for the last tour of the day there were already people in line!!!


The woman counted 1-2-3-4-5...18...and then stared at us. 15 more. Only 2 could go in. Before we could ask an indulgence, she sweetly said, "I'll call my husband and tell him I will be late. Come back at 4p and I will do a tour just for your group." Christianity in motion. We entered in at 4p and heard the words, "There is no pit too deep..."


As always it is an amazing story of bravery, the gospel breaking through brutality and the sovereignty of God. She asked Colin B to read Psalm 91 from the Ten Boom bible. He is indeed  our hiding place. We left deepened by the experience.  Tomorrow we tour Haarlem and then home!!