Stories - Guatemala #2


Guatemala #2

Susan Sheffield and Tracy Baird | Jun 22, 2016

On Sunday morning we departed at 7 am to worship at Vida Real Church. The service was vibrant and engaging, including a talented band and colorful lighting effects. The service was conducted mostly in Spanish, but our team had access to live translation through radio headsets. The sermon series was called “Full House” and was about the abundant life that can be found through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Two families shared their testimonies of how life’s opportunities have brought them to know Christ more by serving each other. Three passages of Scripture were shared by the pastor to illustrate the “Full House” message – Jesus pursing Zacchaeus, Jesus healing a blind man, and Jesus’ first miracle of changing water to wine at the wedding at Cana. It was a joy to praise God alongside our Guatemalan brothers and sisters!

After church we had brunch at a restaurant set in a beautiful natural setting on the side of a mountain. We got to know each other better and discussed plans for our week of ministry as we ate omelets accompanied with sides such as black beans, fried plantains, as well as typical American brunch offerings.

We each had the opportunity to participate in an optional activity – zip lining! 

Some of us (all of the kids and several adventurous adults) decided to try the short course with about eight zip lines through the leafy green canopy. It was a fun team-building activity and allowed us to enjoy each other and the lush mountain views. It was well worth the small extra cost we each incurred to participate!

In the afternoon we headed to a children’s home called Casa Aleluya. An American couple from Louisiana established this home 16 years ago.  It currently provides housing, meals, education, and parental care to over 400 children. We discovered that thousands of children have been served over the life of Casa Aleluya. Our team spent time assisting with the 7 and under group by connecting with them one-on-one and playing soccer. A subset of our team took a tour of the facility and found out more about the day-to-day operations and the mission of the organization. Toward the end of our visit lightning flashed and black-gray clouds threatened rain as we headed back to our rented bus.  Thankfully, the clouds opened up only after we headed on the long drive back to MMM.

Later that evening we enjoyed our first team teaching time with Dr. Hermann Alb of MMM. Dr. Alb shared with us an encouraging message about God reaching out to us for reconciliation and restoration. He spoke of the Bible stories of God reaching out and pursuing His people, including Adam, Eve, Paul, Zacchaeus, and an Ethiopian traveler.

Exhausted from a full, productive joy-filled day, we went to bed eagerly anticipating our first day of hands-on serving.