Stories - Guatemala #4


Guatemala #4

Guatemala Team | Jun 24, 2016

The most unusual thing I have seen in Guatemala this week


Susan: The women’s clothing and tire store

Dr. David: The extreme poverty


Jocelyn: A newborn, a one-year-old, and a three-year-old squished between their parents riding on a motorcycle


Becca: A two-month old baby who didn’t have a name


Tracy: People selling things such as food and electric mosquito swatters that look like tennis racquets between the lanes on high traffic streets


Sunshine: Chicken busses going 90 miles per hour (Chicken busses are tricked out school busses with chrome accents and people stuffed inside them - even coming out the back door!)


Garrett: The dance that the kids at Mana de Vida did for us to welcome us to their school


Chris: Two little children riding a motorcycle between their parents with no helmets. Or, that they sell crabs and lobsters on the side of the road.


Will: Seeing a little kid steering a motorcycle, and a baby on the front of a motorcycle


Steve: The fact that people plan their day around it raining around 3 in the afternoon, and it usually does


Bruce: Wild orchids growing in the trees


Kendall: We got to visit a shop on top of a volcano, The Lava Shop, deemed the most unexpected location for a shop by National Geographic


Sierra: Dr. Shay’s pterodactyl and velociraptor impression


Asher: The way the Guatemalans drive


Michelle: Our team bonding activity of the game Pterodactyl


Luke: The Guatemalan soccer rules


D’Ann: It had to be the pterodactyl game


Shay: The pterodactyl game


Nathan: Two things – 1. When Mr. Bruce gave lots of people on the team candlelight massages when the electricity went out, 2. When Ms. D’Ann and Will screeched pterodactyl noises at each other for a full 30 seconds


Traci: Assisting Gisella the dentist and realizing how much dental work she was able to do even in the setting of a rural village