Stories - Guatemala #5


Guatemala #5

Guatemala Team | Jun 25, 2016

One time I saw God work at in Guatemala this week

Susan: How effectively our team worked together and loved one another


Dr. David: People impacted by the morning devotional time


Jocelyn: In the joy and in the gratitude of the children at Mana de Vida


Becca: When God led me to get down on my knees and pray over our team members who were not feeling well this morning


Tracy: When a woman who had lost her only Bible when crossing a river joyfully received a new one in our sharing station


Garrett: In the prayer time this morning when we were praying over team members


Chris: The unconditional love of the kids at Mana de Vida


Bruce: Our Thursday morning prayer time


Steve: Before I even knew that there was a child sponsorship program at Mana de Vida, God presented very clearly to me someone who I should seriously consider sponsoring


Kendall: We were praying over a little girl who had been sick for a while with a fever and stomach virus and when she went to see the doctor the fever was gone and there were no other symptoms


Asher: When people accepted Christ for the first time


Michelle: How we interacted with the Guatemalans and how gracious and kind they were to us no matter what their situation was...and when the team prayed over us who were feeling unwell and we all felt much better


Sierra: How God enabled me to speak Spanish and show compassion to the kids at Mana de Vida and to see God working through them   


Julia: When Gisella was led by the Holy Spirit to pray over me and the prayer was so personal


Luke: When a child scraped his knee and when he came back later it was mostly healed


Shay: Experiencing the presence of God during devotional time, especially the last one when we prayed for healing over our team members


Traci: Thursday morning when people prayed over me


Nathan: I really felt the Holy Spirit when we were praying over our team members during team devotions


D’Ann: When people on the team felt connected to specific children they met at Mana de Vida to sponsor, and they were all in need of sponsorship - even though only about 15% of children were available