Stories - Guatemala June 2017 #2


Guatemala June 2017 #2

Yazmine B. | Jun 17, 2017

I imagine everyone on this trip was both excited and nervous. The entire Guatemala team was told to be at the airport at 3:30 PM. Unexpected Atlanta traffic was causing a delay in the arrival times of some families (who were too awesome to leave behind). Thankfully everyone arrived on time to catch our 6:35 PM flight. The group leaders rushed to the bag check in line, only to find out most of the bags were qualified for FREE check-in. We then rushed through security, where some bags were searched because of a very suspicious looking tube of toothpaste.

Finally, there was enough time to grab some food (thank you Jesus), and make it to our gate on time. The flight was a little delayed, because of weather, but was overall mostly good. No one threw up, everyone received a delicious plane turkey sandwich (no pun intended), and most importantly, our flight didn't run out of Biscoff cookies. Extreme turbulence either had passengers clinging onto their seats for dear life or throwing their hands in the air like they were riding a rollercoaster, but God kept us all protected as we landed. Our group this year was a supersized bunch of fries so we rode in a yellow school bus (sadly not the tricked out Guatemalan types) to the ministry center. After arriving to Dr. Hermann and the ministry center, we were informed that the bus to church would be ready to go at 7:00 AM Guatemalan time (the service was awesome though). Our exhausted group's wish for beds to pass out on finally came true, just to be greeted by the loud barks of our adorable ministry dogs, Balou and Nikki.