Stories - Guatemala Bound Again!


Guatemala Bound Again!

D'Ann Renner | Jun 16, 2017

On the eve of another trip to the land of eternal spring, I stop to ask myself, "why do I do this, year after year?" After all, there are plenty of needy people in the United States, here in Georgia, in fact. I wouldn't have to worry about terrorist, Zika-bearing mosquitos, and I already hablo ingles. No hablo español muy buen, even after 3 years of lessons.

Must be the people. Where else do I receive approximately 30 FANTASTIC hugs per minute (this is an average. Some minutes it’s more like 100 hugs, and other minutes I actually AM working!) Or maybe it’s the opportunity. Where else can I hear inspiring messages, serve alongside top medical professionals in remote mountain villages, and work at a school which is breaking the poverty cycle and defying all odds in the poorest large city in Guatemala - ALL IN THE SPACE OF 8 DAYS? I haven’t even mentioned climbing an active volcano or zip-lining through a tropical rain forest. 

In the end - it's God. He's put a love for the Guatemalan people and their country on the Renner hearts. Funny thing, though - a high percentage of the people who go on trips with me end up coming again and again. So, if you haven’t tried it - why not? God just may touch YOUR heart with a love for all things Guatemalan.