Stories - Tanzania 2017 - Monday, Week 1


Tanzania 2017 - Monday, Week 1

Teachers To Tanzania 2017 | Jun 26, 2017

We are here all 8 of us all 24 of our suitcases and we are all well! Bwana Asifiwe! The praise belongs to the Lord!) Our first miracle occurred before we left the curb at the airport in Atlanta when all of our stuff was approved to go. The second occurred when we retrieved all of our bags from baggage claim at the airport in Tanzania! The third occurred when all 8 of us plus Headmaster Godfrey, Social worker Witness, Project Manager Baraka, a driver and a helper, all 24 of our suitcases and 8 heavy backpacks all packed into and on top of one large van (mini-bus see picture attached) arrived at the AmaniHaus in one piece!



After a good night sleep (likely a result of the fact that none of us slept much during our 24 hours in transit!) and a wonderful breakfast of Tanzanian tea and coffee, homemade rolls with butter or peanut butter and jelly, hard-boiled eggs, and popcorn, we were off to PUNCHMI school. With the sun up, on our way into the village we had our first views of the beautiful hills, trees, flowers and vegetation of Tanzania; it was a bumpy and slow, but beautiful ride. After all the work and prep all the travel and anticipation we all finally felt that we were in Tanzania. We unpacked all our purchased, donated, and prepared items, sorted and grouped them, getting ready for the week.



After sneaking out to visit our teacher friends in the Preschool or off to town to buy a sim card, we had tea because EVERYONE stops to have at 10! Then our first meeting with all the teachers took place. We were warmly greeted and set the foundation for the week new ideas and teaching strategies all wrapped around the concept of show me! The teachers are showing how to do something (rather than just writing it on the board) and the children are showing the teacher they understand the concept (not just repeating the words they just heard from the teacher) and most importantly, encouragement for the teachers. Our first demonstration of this concept was around numbers to 100 using a 100 numbers chart the many ways to use it and the many concepts that can be taught from it from Pre-One through Standard 7. The teachers enjoyed the activities and ideas and making a hidden picture on a 100 numbers chart then it was time for lunch.



After lunch we divided into smaller teams with topics of art (colors and the spectrum), computers (how to make and use an Excel spreadsheet inspired by wanting to know how to make their own 100 numbers charts) and preschool/lower elementary (use of memory, matching, alphabet puzzles, Bingo, playdoh, letter cards and tiles to teach and reinforce letters of the alphabet.) All the seminars were well accepted and much appreciated a great first day.



Some highlights of the first day:

The joy of relationships and being part of the Body of Christ across the miles.

Experiencing a deepening of those relationships even (and especially) as a result of Godfrey and Pastors visits to Atlanta in February.

Feeling like it hadn't been long since the last visit and jumping right back into relationships and mentoring.

Teachers being interested and ready and willing to learn how to use the computers to accomplish a task.

The teachers being actively engaged in the learning process and getting it and enjoying the things we're sharing.


Thank you for the privilege of being your messengers of love and encouragement to these precious brothers and sisters in the Lord. We are grateful for each of you.

Mungu aku bariki! (God bless you!)