Stories - Tanzania 2017 - Wednesday, Week 1


Tanzania 2017 - Wednesday, Week 1

Teachers To Tanzania 2017 | Jun 28, 2017

After a better with all the teachers in the morning, and the topic has been Math all week. It was unanimous among our team and the Tanzanian teachers, that we ALL want to go back to school and learn math in this new and exciting way! After a time of playing a game to practice multiplication facts, there was so much happy chatter among the Tanzanian teachers that our leader had to clap twice in order to get their attention and move on to the next lesson. Can you just imagine having that much fun with MATH??



Small group afternoon sessions were the second of three rotations in The Art and Science of Color, the beauty of God’s creation of Human Sexuality, and Computer Training. The teachers were amazed that patterns of the colors in the rainbow are always the same, and that chemical processes occurring in the leaves of plants correlate to those of the rainbow. They learned about P.I.E.S.S.- that the complexities of our human-ness encompasses the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social and Spiritual areas of our lives. Awareness of these areas helps each person to be self- disciplined and self- controlled in making wise choices for themselves in regards to the opposite sex. Learning how to create Excel Spreadsheets for classroom activities was a welcome skill.




  • Finding a running trail/loop for a cross-country course that will begin next week when the kids return to school
  • Downloading the Swahili Bible on Pastor’s phone, with audible capabilities
  • Seeing a friend from years ago, as he came to greet us and share his life of continuing teaching/ disciple-making along with low-till farming and fishery projects
  • Seeing the vulnerability of the Headmaster and teachers as they asked questions to help them understand… and their joyful facial expressions as they learn the real meaning of the symbols in math that had never been fully taught
  • Teachers responding to ownership in teaching the value of each life in their classroom in regards to respecting the sexuality of themselves and others.
  • Hearing individual stories of God working in people’s lives and hearts!


Wow! We are SO HONORED to be part of what God is doing here, and to be with these precious souls as they make such a transformative impact on the school and village of Karansi. THANK YOU FOR SENDING US!! One of the teachers commented today that when they see us, they see the many who stand behind us… they see that we represent many from the Body of Christ in America. Thank you once again. Your support means more then we or they can convey.