Stories - Tanzania 2017 - Thursday, Week 1


Tanzania 2017 - Thursday, Week 1

Teachers To Tanzania 2017 | Jun 29, 2017

Once again, we started off the day at worship and devotions with the teachers. The time consists of a brief discussion in the Word of God, prayer and the most beautiful singing you could ever hear (most of which is done in Swahili). One line of a song which we could translate, was “Karibu Yesu” which means “You are welcome here, Jesus.” That line alone was more than enough to join in worship to our savior with these brothers and sisters in Christ. What a taste of heaven it is to worship in a language which is not our own.


After a brief transition, we began the large group seminar for the day with math lessons about place value, borrowing/carrying and fractions. Understanding place value and the meaning behind borrowing/carrying turned out to be incredibly helpful to the teachers. Fractions can be a difficult concept both to teach and understand. The interactive lesson did not fully clarify the topic for the Tanzanian teachers. However, during Chai (Tea) our team and some of our Tanzanian friends were able to come up with some modifications to the activity which proved to be quite beneficial. Not only were they better able to understand the concept of fractions, we had inadvertently modeled what to do when a lesson does not go well and the students did not understand. In God’s providence, the whole experience turned out to be a valuable learning experience in evaluating a lesson, talking with other teachers to get new ideas, finding additional resources, and re-teaching until even difficult concepts are understood.



We finished our last round of rotations through the art, computer and health/sexual education small group seminars. Each one has gone extremely well and the Tanzanian teachers have continually been engaged and appreciative in each seminar. Their willingness to ask questions and tell us their needs has been an answer to prayer. In Melissa’s art class, several of the teachers were unsure about the color names because they do not use them often. Their vulnerability to ask this question is a testament to the Lord’s work and the relationships built over years and years.



Once the school day was over we were invited to make the 6 minute walk down the street to see the construction of teacher Moses’ new house. This turned out to be a highlight of most of our days. Meeting his wife, seeing the progress, and experiencing the joy and pride on Moses’ face was truly a blessing. The patience and care he has taken to faithfully provide for his family during this 7 year process of building his home is both humbling and inspiring.



Some other highlights from the day include:

·         Praying with and for the lower elementary teachers to encourage them that they are the foundation of these student’s education.

·         Seeing a friend from the village

·         Continuing the see the Tanzanian teachers enjoy learning and share that joy with one another

·         Praise and prayer items as we finish this week and head into the weekend:

·         Health and protection for family members back home

·         Widows meeting and home visits this weekend

·         Ability for the teachers to apply the things they’ve learned this week in their classrooms, and continued vulnerability to ask questions and seek support when needed.  Next week is really critical in this area.  They now understand the new concept – the value of meaning and understanding, not just memorization.  Next week they’ll be challenged to implement it in their classrooms.