Stories - Tanzania 2017 - Friday, Week 1


Tanzania 2017 - Friday, Week 1

Teachers To Tanzania 2017 | Jun 30, 2017

After a long week of learning we were all ready for a fun Friday! Instead of the typical seminars, we showed some videos of teaching in Perimeter School classrooms, played with manipulatives to discover how they can be used for learning, talked through resources and lesson plans for next week, and even got to do some Batik art. It turned out to be a very fun (and educational) Friday!



Teachers got to play with pattern blocks to see how students can learn critical thinking, patterns, colors, shapes and fractions at all different grade levels.



Linking cubes are a fun way to learn critical thinking, shapes, colors and math operations.



These boards give students a different review with subtraction facts up to ten by creating patterns with string.



Puzzles can be used with all grade levels to learn critical thinking, problem solving, and learn or review subjects in a new and interesting way.



Melissa led an art project called Batik using hot, melted wax on fabric to create designs.



The teachers got to see all of the fun manipulatives, games and teaching materials we had brought and think about which ones they would like to have in their classrooms next week and beyond! It felt a little like visiting a teacher store (any teacher will know how fun that is).




Some of the upper level math teachers were able to discover some fun ways to teach and review more difficult concepts.