Stories - Tanzania 2017 - Thursday and Friday, Week 2


Tanzania 2017 - Thursday and Friday, Week 2

Teachers To Tanzania 2017 | Jul 06, 2017

Thursday was spent finishing up projects, working in the classrooms and preparing for the end of our visit. The teachers are excited about what they have learned and are doing a great job implementing it in their classrooms. Unexpectedly, the government had a holiday on Friday. Yes... unexpectedly... this is Africa. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise as there were no students in school and we were able to have a wrap up session with the teachers to conclude our time together. Friday morning we shared a slideshow of pictures from our time together which highlighted smiles on the faces of the students and the teachers (many of which you have seen but they had not). We closed our time in the village by exchanging gifts, hugs, congratulations all around and a prayer time. We all agreed it was better to say "God bless you" than "goodbye." A wonderful thing about the Body of Christ is that after sharing time together, each group feels as if they have received the greater blessing... we certainly feel that we have.