Stories - Tanzania 2017 - Sunday and Home!


Tanzania 2017 - Sunday and Home!

Teachers To Tanzania 2017 | Jul 11, 2017

Sweet friends, supporters and prayer team,


We are home!




Sunday morning began with worship at Vineyard Church in Arusha with believers from all parts of the world! We know of at least Africans, South Koreans and Americans… it was a joy… and a little glimpse of heaven to worship together! After a lovely lunch with friends from Joshua Teachers College and a short debrief as a team, it was off to the airport. On the way, both Kilimanjaro and Meru were out in full glory! We stopped several times to capture last glimpses of these beautiful mountains and God’s majestic handiwork.



Our trip home was long and a little bumpy… and we arrived home tired but with hearts full of joy and thankfulness.  We are honored and blessed… that He would call us… that you would send us as your representatives and His… that we would see Him at work in so many ways.  “Thank you” seems wholly inadequate… it is… and yet, it is good and right to say it.  I’m sure that many of you will hear from one or more of us about the trip.  If you want to know more… ask any one of us…  and know we’ll talk for as long as you want to hear more!   Mungu aku bariki, rafiki yangu…  God bless you, our friends!