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Guatemala Blogging:) #1

Joseph Kim | Jul 22, 2017

After about a three hour airplane ride, we finally made it to Guatemala. BUT it was NOT EASY getting here. During the process random people from our group got pulled over at security for random reasons and even got three never used bug spray and one lotion taken away but hopefully it gets donated to the right people:) 


Being up in the air really put things into perspective! As we were in the air for about three hours, out of the airplane window I was able to see how small I actually was compared to the world but just amazing how God somehow still cares for each and every person on this planet. He even has the "very hairs of your head all numbered" (Luke 12:7). 


The house that we are staying in is amazing but reality really hits when you see the others from over the fence. Tomorrow we will be going over that fence to preach the good news to the people who do not yet know about Jesus, SO many prayers are needed :)