Stories - Tanzania 7/20 - 8/1 In Review


Tanzania 7/20 - 8/1 In Review

Tanzania Team | Aug 01, 2017


Today has already gotten off to a GREAT start. One of our team members, Haley, who is in charge of our painting has had her heart touched by one of the local men. John was helping Haley paint the wall yesterday and made sure she had everything she needed. This morning as we were pulling into the school John was standing outside the wall waiting for us. A few minutes after arriving he found Haley and opened up his journal to show her all his sketches. Above is one he showed her. Haley was so overcome with joy she couldn't help but cry. Here in Tanzania, it is not common to draw or sketch. So for him to have the ability to draw like this filled her heart with joy and love. She was able to share her gift with him and in turn him with her. Praise God from who all blessings flow!


This is Tal Mosher's experience in Tanzania.

The picture above is of me with a little girl on Sunday at church. She sat with us during the service. It was long, but definitely an enjoyable experience. We sang and danced and clapped. It was LOUD! It struck all of the team by surprise because she seemed to be there without any parents... We loved all of the people.


The picture above is at the Punchmi school during recess. We are playing duck-duck-goose! I am holding one of the little sponsor children (Aika). Whenever I was tagged as the Goose, she would run to the other side of the circle. When I was not tagged, she sat on me as pictured above. All of the children here are absolutely adorable. We have loved our experience here, and every day is full of excitement. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for every new day.


This is Traci LaVernway's Post

Worship. It is done in many ways. For some, it is quiet and alone. For others it is loud, big, hands raised, eyes closed and with many people. No way is wrong. But this, this is beautiful!! These children are 4 and 5 years old. They certainly don't worry if it is "politically correct". They aren't worried who is watching. They are loving the Lord, praising Jesus with complete abandon. I long for this. They are teaching me!


The little girl above is my sponsor child Aika. When we were selecting a child to sponsor I was drawn to the fact she was adorable and had the same birthday as my husband. I thought, "This is great! It was meant to be!" And the Lord has used our relationship in these short few days to show me. She loves the Lord with all her heart. She doesn't get in her own way. Granted, she is young. But aren't we all a product of our environment? I often take the lead and get in the way. I get in the way of my relationship with Jesus because I'm busy, I don't want the accountability, so I stumble. I want THIS! I want the beautiful way this child is worshipping. I want her relationship. I want to continually come to the cross and rest in the arms of our savior. Will you please pray for her and these wonderfully children made of God? May they continue to shine their light among Tanzania and may I keep this image in my heart forever. THIS!! Praise the Lord!!


By Christy Mosher

Jambo! (Hello)! What a JOY it is to be with this wonderful team partnering with our brothers and sisters in Christ in Tanzania. The villagers in Karansi have welcomed us with open arms. The people at PUNCHWMI school and the local church radiate the love of Jesus. In some ways it feels like we are receiving far more than we are giving. Our time has been rich and full. We arrived late Friday night and spent Saturday visiting sponsored children and their families. As we experienced their living conditions, I am humbly reminded how our JOY is not connected to our circumstances. These Christians may have far less in the way of material blessings, but they are SO RICH in Spirit! Worshipping at their church has been a highlight of the trip. They love Jesus and are bold and big in their faith. On Monday morning we arrived as the children were singing during morning devotions. It was precious. We then jumped into school projects that will take us through the week. We are painting the basketball court and playground equipment, and our talented Hailey has repainted the entrance with the school emblem and motto. We are observing teachers and giving feedback. The American students are teaching lessons and playing lots of games with the TZ children. Library books are being sorted and shelved; sponsor child gifts are being distributed. The PUNCHWMI teachers have been attending after-school enrichment classes taught by members of our team. As we have interacted with the people and the permanent missionaries, we see that God has been blessing this village in many ways through His people here and from the United States. However, there is MUCH MORE that God wants to do, and He needs His people to lean in and listen. Are you called to come? Are you called to give financially? Are you called to sponsor a Tanzanian child? There are so many ways to reach this nation for the glory of God and the good of His people. Please continue to pray for us and ask the Holy Spirit if TZ might be "the ends of the earth" that He wants to reach through you! Thank you!