Stories - Guatemala Blogging:) #2


Guatemala Blogging:) #2

Joseph Kim | Jul 23, 2017

Today our group got to go to a guatemalan church and it was amazing. The people there were singing american songs that were translated into spanish and even started praying for our week in guatemala. We had little earphones that translated the sermon into English and we learned about how whenever we sin, although Jesus forgives us we still lose something internally or even externally. An example would be Samson who sinned against God by breaking a promise with God. BUT God forgave him however he lost his life in the end. God trully blesses those who follow his words and he differentiates his people and the people of the world. 

After service we went to go eat at a very nice buffet and the view where we were seated was amazing. The food was delicious but a couple people including me were getting very anxious of the bees that kept coming to eat the food on our plates :) 

Next we were given the opportunity to go to a orphanage in Guatemala and it was just mindblowing. God sees everyone in this world. From first world countries to third world countries and while I could be for example praying to God for things that arent necessary, he also sees the child in Guatemala that doesnt have even most of the needs in his life met. But God has a story he planned out for EVERY SINGLE PERSON and although we cannot comprehend his plans we can be sure that it is better than ours. 

I can see God working through our group to make us trust each other more and even bond us in a way to even keep each other accountable for stop us from doing things that God wouldnt be pleased with. Tomorrow we will be starting our medical missions and i can’t wait to see what God has prepared for us :)))