Stories - Guatemala 7/22-29 Webb/Schuler team


Guatemala 7/22-29 Webb/Schuler team

Webb/Schuler team | Jul 29, 2017

Saturday: We were really tired and thankfully we did not have to do much and just chill. It was a great trip from the airport to the MMM center. It is beautiful out here in Guatemala and we are looking forward to more.

Sunday: Sunday was fun. We went to the church here in Guatemala. The message was amazing. It was about how to treat temptation. Later in the day we went to the orphanage and had some fun there. Than finally we came home and just chilled for the rest of the day.

Monday: Monday was interesting. We started devo and then we went to the clinic but it was slow. Not much really happened. Then we just came home and got ready for tomorrow.

Tuesday: It was great today. We went to the clinics and it was amazing! So many people came to Christ today. The kids were great. The food was amazing! And it was just a great time.

Wednesday: Today was okay. We started off pretty well the kids were having fun and the counseling was great. Although it didn't last long. It started raining and there were a lot of animals out there. Though all the trips were long it was still worth the trip. We weren't there for long but we still did what we had to do.