Stories - Tanzania 2017 - Wednesday, Week 2


Tanzania 2017 - Wednesday, Week 2

Teachers To Tanzania 2017 | Jul 06, 2017

What a wonderful day! It was determined that it was a day or organization, augmentation and facilitation; gathering the pieces together to see the big picture!


The day began with the most exuberant time of worship with the elementary students, and a time of recognition of their teachers.


We continued co-teaching and it was obvious that the teachers and the students loved the math activities. The younger students loved forming words with their letter cards. Teachers in the Pre First/Standard 1 and 2 showed a lot of enthusiasm for phonics.

 Several wooden poster holders were made and stained; shelves were added to the Teacher Resource room; materials organized and labeled for easy access; a Scripture verse was added to the wall of the entrance to the library/administration building; pot holders were ordered for the Batik wax pans and for our amazing cooks; pockets of material added to the math hundreds chart, and needed electrical and building maintenance repairs were made! WHEW!

We celebrated the success of two students who were in the national volleyball tournament. Those two and an additional student had the top scores of the mock exam scores in the nation!

The Batik process continued with all of the teachers joining in on the design. We can’t wait to see the finished product!

Many students enjoyed the “organized” chaos of relay races and learned heel raises and (trying to!) stay in lanes.

Timed tests in math for the second day showed some progress, which is encouraging to the students. 6th graders had fun in a friendly competition with subtractions wrap-ups.


The teaching on human sexuality was extremely well received and Witness, the social worker, is now trained and an excellent communicator.


Many of us enjoyed a delightful visit in the home of one of the teachers and are feeling so much ‘at home’ here!


We continue to ask for your prayers, express our appreciation for your support and feel so confident in the timing of this trip and the amazing things the Lord has done these two weeks!!