Stories - TANZANIA 2017 - Tuesday Week 2


TANZANIA 2017 - Tuesday Week 2

Teachers To Tanzania 2017 | Jul 05, 2017

Today was another really wonderful day in the village… again! We all enjoyed watching the teachers doing math with their children and seeing both the teachers and the children enjoying learning! The teachers are doing a great job… they have understood and are applying the concepts we shared last week… and asking questions if they don’t understand, or it they would like us to explain something more fully. It has been delightful to watch them teaching with more confidence… and with joy! The children are engaged, enjoying the process of learning, and “getting it.” There is happy chatter in the classrooms, laughter, smiles… and cheers when a task is completed successfully! The campus is buzzing with talk of math… and all of it is good!

Mary-Katherine shared her sex education seminar with Standard 6 and 7 today, and the children were very receptive. Witness (the social worker) and Upendo (a very wonderful, nurturing, well-respected upper school teacher) followed up by having a discussion with the students... in Swahili, so it felt very confidential and “community” for the children. It was sobering to realize the difficulties under which many of these children live. It is encouraging that they have a safe place to go and people who love them if they need it.


Van led “track practice” again today… it was fun to watch the Standard 6 and 7 students exercising and then running on their “track.” (… just cones set up around the school grounds and children running in their uniforms). It’s wonderful to see; it is the first time we’ve seen the children all take off their sweaters… they did some good sweating as they ran! Teacher John has learned to play Bananagrams and tried to share it with Standard 6 today, but they were going to the seminar with Mary-Katherine. He came into the classroom where Wendy and some of the teachers were working on Math… so we taught them how to play Bananagrams too… in English and Swahili! Jim is getting plans together and working with a local fundi (tradesman) to have a wooden stand-up rack made for holding posters. They are also working on plans to have hooks installed in the classrooms for the 100 numbers chart and place value pocket charts. Elizabeth, Kathy and Mary-Katherine spent more time in the supply closet today. Miriam showed the teachers the “work in process” at the end of the wrap-up meeting at the end of the day, and two of them were talking as they left the room. They turned back to say, “We were wondering how we could ever organize all these materials to share… this is an answer to prayer.”


Kilimanjaro was out in full glory tonight on our way home… for the third day this visit! The views are awe-inspiring. The children are precious. The teachers are amazing… and grateful. We are honored to be here. We are all tired this evening… it is a good tired, but we still have some days to go. A full night’s sleep will be good for all of us. Please pray we finish well. Thank you for your prayers, support and love!
Mungu aku bariki, rafiki zangu! (God bless you, our friends!)