Stories - Teachers in Guatemala #1


Teachers in Guatemala #1

Patti Kienitz, Ellie Girage, Elise Reiff, and Kim Thompson | Nov 28, 2017

Thanks be to God Our journey to Guatemala began early Sunday morning. After a comfortable flight, we found ourselves amidst volcanoes, bright blue sky, and 70 degree weather! Dr. Alberto Garcia, part of the Medical Missions Ministry team, greeted us warmly and drove us to Dr. Alb's compound where we would hold the teacher conference. After settling in we were treated to a brand new experience when Dr. Alb's daughter, Ilse, invited us to accompany her, her friends, and her 150 lb. French Mastiff dog to a new village, a live, work, and play community near downtown Guatemala City. We were immediate celebrities, thanks to Baloo. As darkness descended and the Christmas lights came on, we felt a sense of enchantment. On the way home Ellie had a unique bonding experience with Baloo who could not tolerate being left in the back of the Suburban by himself, and we have pictures to prove it. (Out of all of us, Balu chose Ellie.)



Bright and early Monday morning we found ourselves creating, revising, and perfecting our shopping lists as we prepared for the teachers to descend on us the following day. After six hours with our traveling companion, Ilse, we returned to the compound to set up for the teachers. We were then blessed with a wonderful meal prepared by Brenda, the head MMM chef. A good night's rest was badly needed since we knew the teachers would arrive for an 8:00 AM breakfast. On Tuesday, after devotions and the Gospel Message delivered by Dr. Alb, Patti kicked off the conference with a presentation on habits focusing primarily on cultivating a classroom environment of grit. We drove the point home with a powerful skit by our team demonstrating a classroom environment of poor habits contrasted with the same class whose teacher encouraged good habits. Continuing our focus on grit, Elllie taught the teachers how to do narration using the book, The Little Engine That Could. The teachers were spellbound by Ellie's fluent Spanish which included all the appropriate inflection as well as by hearing a story most had never heard before.



After lunch the teachers were broken into four different groups, according to grade levels, to travel to stations where they could learn and create/recreate activities for the coming school year. Tuesday's four stations were:


1. Constructing a volcano to investigate chemical reactions;

2. Creating a Habits Chart for the classroom along with a contract for accountability purposes; and centers

3 and 4 were opportunities to make math related games.



Day one done! God is good! Thank you for your continued prayers. It is our hearts desire that the Holy Spirit does a Supernatural work. God has blessed us with over 40 souls to whom we can minster and encourage this week!

Love, Ellie, Patti, Elise, and Kim