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Back From Ireland

Dennis & Linda Lee | Nov 29, 2017

We arrived back from Dublin last night and wanted to give you a quick report. Your prayers were felt, appreciated, and effective! To use some of our favorite Irish adjectives, the trip was brilliant, grand, and lovely! Also, exhausting, challenging, and inspiring. Here are a few highlights: Aside from some sniffles and coughs, our GO Journey team remained healthy throughout the week and loved serving at the camp. They loved the kids and the kids loved them back! We had some especially meaningful conversations with many of the teenage co-leaders. We were able to spend a lot of time with the Tabb family with tons of mutual encouragement and fun with their three beautiful kids.


On Tuesday evening we went with the Tabbs to the No Bucks Café, which is a transformed bus in a Ballymun parking lot that weekly provides coffee, tea, sandwiches, and support and prayer for the homeless and addicted of the community. The fact that it was Halloween night (fireworks and bonfires) added to the adventure, but we were all blessed by this opportunity to serve outside of our comfort zone!


The Friday and Saturday LOLMD Envisioning meetings in Dublin and Bangor were attended by a total 50 pastors and church leaders from five denominations with high energy and interest. Inspired by this we are moving forward with a plan to begin a series of Ireland based training next March! God has been so faithful and we give Him all the glory.


Thanks again for your prayers and support! We feel very privileged to be a small part of what God is doing in Ireland.