Stories - Teachers in Guatemala #2


Teachers in Guatemala #2

Patti Kienitz, Ellie Girage, Elise Reiff, and Kim Thompson | Nov 29, 2017

A Culture of Grit What a privilege it is to serve the Lord in Guatemala! Our team was blessed with a much needed night's rest...we were exhausted! As expected breakfast was tasty, but we were surprised that Dr. Alb's devotional tied in so well to our theme of Grit. He spoke about overcoming one's obstacles in life, of course with God's help. Part of Ellie and Kim's presentation on creating a culture of Grit in the classroom included a Ted Talk video by the author of Grit, Angela Duckworth with translation by Fish (don't ask). A palpable sense of inspiration was felt throughout the room, so we lead right into finding out what the teachers had learned from their homework assignment. (Look at us, away from school and still giving out homework!)



The teachers were put into groups according to grade levels and asked to share what they have seen from their students related to Grit. The groups then shared and presented a skit that demonstrated lack of Grit and the changes they hoped to developed once a culture of Grit had been built. We were excited to see the high level of understanding from each group! Once again in the afternoon the teachers rotated through a set of investigation stations. At Kim's station the students blew up their volcanos to observe the chemical reaction that takes place when an acid is introduced to a base. They also learned more about Grit by accepting the challenge to balance eleven nails on the head of a twelfth nail. Additionally, they all took home a new game to help their students practice math facts.



In Elise's group the teachers made 'bean salad' which involved thinking skills and using beans to find parts of a whole. Another game was 'Spin and Show' involving spinning a top on a Hundreds Chart and showing that number on a Ten Frame. Ellie's station treated the teachers to a story from Aesop's Fables which they narrated and illustrated into a storybook form.




In Patti's station they learned a new math game called 'Button Bags'. After playing the game, the teachers created kits, so they could play the game in their classroom. In wrapping up the day we reflected on how well the teachers from different schools worked as a whole. It seemed as though they were no longer from separate schools but one body of teachers serving all Guatemalan students. Signing off from Guatemala Teacher Conference Day 2, Keep those prayers coming, Love, Patti, Ellie, Elise, and Kim P.S. If you are wondering how our one-handed blogger is getting her job done, she has a sorely underpaid secretary whose name will remain anonymous but her initials are KT.