Stories - Teachers in Guatemala #3


Teachers in Guatemala #3

Patti Kienitz, Ellie Girage, Elise Reiff, and Kim Thompson | Dec 01, 2017

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow Thursday began with Elise sharing classroom management tools and tips. Her presentation and accompanying skits were well received by the teachers. After a much needed break, the teachers worked to prepare classroom management posters for the coming school year. We were once again amazed by their creativity. When that was finished, we awarded them each with a certificate of completion to recognize their hard work during the conference. Fish was kind enough to supply graduation music during the ceremony which by the way was the very same music we use in the USA during graduation. We did not, however, make them wear full cap and gown regalia! After lots of photos and tears, the teachers made a point of individually thanking and hugging us for preparing them for their jobs. Their gestures of appreciation were truly overwhelming. We felt grateful for Perimeter School's generosity as we watched the teachers walk away with Angela Duckwort's book, Grit, along with The Little Engine that Could, and bags full of supplies and hand made decorations for their classroom walls.



On to Friday....what a surprise it was to learn that for the very first time, we could climb a nearby volcano. Our guide, Marvin, shared with us that the volcano's status is orange which is one level away from recommended evacuation. Regardless, we braved a 90 minute steeeeeeep hike to where we could actually walk upon the volcanic rock left from the 2010 eruption. We even got to roast marshmallows in a remaining 'hot spot'. This was a hole in the basalt where the heat from the underlying magma could still be felt...YUMMY! After a 90 minute descent we were surprised to find our car was missing| What we did not tell you is that on the way to the volcano, Picaya, our car began malfunctioning. While we were hiking, MMM provided us with another vehicle, so we could continue our day because shopping in Antigua was also on the agenda. We were not disappointed because we each found everything we were looking for at the market! Now with bags packed, we are ready to return to Atlanta.


Thank you once again for your prayers and support. What an honor it has been to serve. Signing out for Guatemala 2017, Patti, Ellie, Elise, and Kim